District Goals, Mission Statement and Vision

District Goals

The District Goals of Clifton ISD are aligned with Title 2, Subtitle A, Chapter 4, Section 4.001 of the Texas Education Code.

Goal 1 - Clifton ISD will provide not only foundational math and reading curriculum, but one that is enriched, accelerated, and well-rounded; assess individual student achievement and support efforts to ensure excellent academic performance.

Goal 2 - Clifton ISD will increase positive communication resulting in the creation of a positive culture and an environment of mutual respect.

Goal 3 - Clifton ISD will increase opportunities for parental engagement at all campuses.

Goal 4 - Clifton ISD will recruit, support and retain teachers and principals.

Goal 5 - Clifton ISD will increase the number of students that are College, Career or Military Ready.

Goal 6 - Clifton ISD will ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment that promotes students' physical and mental well-being.

Mission Statement

The school board, faculty and staff members of Clifton ISD recognize the unique role that Clifton ISD has in serving as the primary educational provider in our community. We strive to meet the diverse needs of all students, create a desire for lifelong learning and encourage our students to become a member of the broader Clifton community.


Let's Be Great Together