Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities-PPCD

Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) provides educational services for children ages 3 to 5 with identified disabilities. Students are eligible for services on their third birthday, regardless of when the birthday falls within the school year.

PPCD classes are located on campuses at Clifton Elementary and bus transportation is available. Special education services through PPCD are offered at no cost to parents.


What is PPCD?

PPCD stands for Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities. It is important to remember that the second “P” represents “Programs” and not “Place." PPCD programs are not limited to a self-contained room on an elementary or early childhood campus in which students with disabilities are cared for all day. Districts should offer a full continuum of services to educate young children with disabilities. An LEA should offer services to preschoolers with disabilities in a variety of settings based on the child's individual needs, and include being educated alongside typical same-aged peers


How does a child qualify for PPCD services?

Children qualify for PPCD services through the special education referral process. Once a referral is made, the LEA must meet all timelines for initial evaluation. If the child is transitioning from Part C to Part B services, the LEA must work with the ECI provider to meet required timelines for a timely transition. (For further questions regarding timelines, please contact Education Service Center, Region 20 evaluation staff.) The ARD committee determines if the child is eligible for services and what those services should be by constructing an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the child. Individuals who suspect that a child may have a disability that would have an adverse effect on that child’s ability to learn should contact their local school district.


Can a child be in PPCD and Prekindergarten or Head Start?

Yes. It is important to remember, however, that a child’s ARD committee determines placement. If a child is eligible to attend Prekindergarten or Head Start, the child may be served in those classes. Children may even be placed in a Prekindergarten or Head Start class if they are not eligible, as long as they do not prevent an eligible child from attending. At least 10% of the enrollment opportunities provided by Head Start are made available to children with disabilities with an active recruitment effort.


Can a child be in PPCD and private school at the same time?

Parents of an eligible student ages 3 or 4 shall have the right to "dual enroll" their student in both the public school and the private school beginning on the student's third birthday and continuing until the end of the school year in which the student turns five or until the student is eligible to attend a district's public school kindergarten program, whichever comes first. The public school district where a student resides is responsible for providing special education and related services to a student whose parents choose dual enrollment