Transition/Post Secondary

Transition is planning for student's life after graduation.  Transition addresses the life domains of employment, post-secondary education and learning options, independent living skills, and recreation/leisure activities. 


Transition involves the student through interviews, inventories and having the student attend ARD's once he/she is 14.  A student's IEP must address transition by age 14.


Transition planning must begin on or before student's 14th birthday as mandated by state and federal policy.  CISD provides transition inventories and parent inventories to identify student's strengths, preferences, interests and needs. 


Once a student exits the school system, all services are based on eligibility instead of entitlement (as are school services). All services must be put in place by family, student and school staff, to avoid a student having no work or opportunities to learn, work or community

Transition/Employment Services Designee contact:
Contact information:
254 675 1842