Clifton Independent School District

School Holiday-Memorial Day, Monday, May 28. Last Day of School- Thursday, May 31.

Program and Services/Instructional Arrangement

Clifton ISD is committed to quality services for students with disabilities.  This commitment is based on the beliefs that special education is a service and not a place.  We also recognize services for students with disabilities are individually determined based on identified needs throughout the school day. Placement for services is not based on a student’s disability condition or “label," rather services are determined based on the student’s needs.  Access to and progress in the general curriculum is the primary instructional goal for all services, thus IEPs are crafted within a standards-based framework for all students with a disability.

Decision-making regarding the provision of services including the location or setting is made by an IEP team of concerned stakeholders and follows a specific sequence that begins with a consideration of the student’s curricular needs followed by a consideration of the student’s type and level of support needs.

This sequence of decisions follows the Least Restrictive Environment provision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and ensures that all options are carefully considered and students are properly placed.

Inclusion-To the extent that they will benefit, eligible special education students are included with their age-appropriate peers in the general education classes. Many programs are available to these students. Both general education and special education teaching staff have received extensive training in making accommodations, adaptations, and modifications, for learning difference.

General Education Accommodations:  Special education staff work cooperatively with the general education teachers to ensure that the student modifications and accommodations are understood and implemented in general education.

 Resource:  Resource is a structured program based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills general education curriculum in Reading, Language Arts/English, and Math.  Instruction in a resource setting is provided by a Special Education teacher and is designed to meet individual academic needs and increase academic competence.

Self-Contained:  Self-contained classes are designed for students with severe cognitive disabilities and educational needs that require a specialized curriculum and instruction by a special educator.  The array of classes includes a variety of instructional arrangements for students who demonstrate special behavioral and/or academic needs

Homebound:  This service is designed to provide instruction to students who are unable to attend school due to accidents, illness, or a non-contagious disease as documented by a licensed physician.  Students instructed through homebound services are expected to be confined to the home for a minimum of four consecutive weeks or any period of time totaling at least four weeks throughout the school year.


Speech and Language Therapy:  This program provides remediation to students with communications disorders to improve their effectiveness and performance in the academic environment.


Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities: The PPCD program provides services to eligible 3, 4, and 5 year old children.  Parent-professional collaboration is an integral part of the PPCD program.