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Parent Engagement Plan and Newsletters

Project Appleseed Parent Resources

For over 25 years, Project Appleseed has been an effective advocacy organization that engages public schools and families by mobilizing millions of volunteers, building responsibility and promoting accountability — both at school and at home. With a focus on low-income and under-served families and schools, Project Appleseed works to improve schools, build public awareness, enable public engagement, advance policy positions and advise elected officials and other decision-makers on best practices for creating optimal educational environments. The effect of our efforts are clear: academic achievement rises in tandem with parental involvement.
Project Appleseed utilizes the Six Types of Family Involvement to engage with families, schools, and communities for student success and achievement in K-12 education. Whether it is summer break, winter break or just a staff development day, here are learning activities for families while school is out.
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