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Dyslexia Resources

The Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy (TDIA) is currently being revised to reflect the new guidelines outlined in the 2018 Dyslexia Handbook. The training helps district and charter school teachers, administrators, dyslexia specialists, and assessment personnel with the challenges of identifying students with dyslexia. The TDIA training offers five modules where participants can customize their professional development path by attending one or any combination of the five modules.


TAC §232.11 requires educators who teach students with dyslexia to have CPE training in new research and practices in educating students with dyslexia.* *Successful completion of Module 1 may satisfy this requirement, per local district policy 


CISD will utilize a shared training module for each campus through the Campus Professional Development Google Classroom.

Dyslexia is not an isolated difficulty with reading and spelling.
The image on the below details how dyslexia can impact children.
Dyslexia Whole Child I think My Child Has Dyslexia. Now What?