Field Turf, Bond Money and School Projects

Questions have arisen recently concerning Clifton ISD projects and I wanted to take the opportunity to explain and hopefully clear up any misconceptions or miscommunication.

At the December School Board meeting, Board members voted unanimously to authorize the superintendent to request bids for the installation of field turf at Cub Stadium at a cost not to exceed $1,000,000. At the January 14th meeting, Hellas Corporation was selected by the Board as the vendor to install the field turf. Hellas won the project with a bid of $998,026. That price is only an estimate of the maximum price Clifton ISD could pay for the project. The final cost will be determined at project completion.

Discussion also took place at the Board meeting to determine the best option to pay for the project. Options include: paying in full for the project from Clifton ISD's general fund account, financing the project or a combination of those options. Spending any money from the recently passed bond on field turf is not an option. Any money left over from the bond will be used for enhancing and increasing student safety, accessibility, energy efficiency and other such projects at district campuses; some of which have already been started.

Currently, Clifton ISD has a balance of approximately $4.6 million in the general fund, $2.3 million dollars which had been previously earmarked for capital projects. Districts are required to maintain a balance equal to 3 months of operating expenses in their general fund account which, for Clifton ISD, is approximately $2.2 million. If the district opts to pay in full for the field turf project from the general fund account and the project cost is the maximum estimated price of $998, 026, over $3.6 million would remain in the district's general fund account--well above the amount required. 

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