Update on Student Absences and Closing School

Today the #TeamCISD Leadership Team discussed options concerning the current number of student absences due to illness across the district. We agreed closing school is an option; however, at this time our Leadership Team does not believe that is the best option for #TeamCISD students.
While we have experienced a spike in student absences this week, 859 students were at school today, which is over 85% of our student body and it is our responsibility to consider all students and families when making decisions such as closing school. We also discussed how closing school does not guarantee a decline in student absences or illness since students spend a lot of time together away from school--at activities, practices, ballgames and even at home. 
Each campus staff is taking precautions, such as sanitizing classrooms, equipment and lockers, as well as reminding students to use hand sanitizer and to not eat or drink after each other. We also ask that parents and guardians follow the guidelines of not sending their child to school until they have been fever-free or symptom-free without medications for 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding and your help. 
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