Registration 2017

Please visit each campus website for the hours of registration for 2017. Online registration is available on our website, however, a face-to-face visit with a parent is mandatory for Clifton Middle School and Clifton High School. 
If you choose to do the online part from the comfort of your own home, please remember to read all six steps to be sure that you do not miss anything. Step 1: Parent Portal is only one part of the registration process. Please note in the instructions for Step 1: Parent Portal that there are TWO blue buttons you must click to complete all online documents. If you missed the second blue button when you did your online registration, it is not too late to go back and complete that part.
The website and instructions are available at this link OR by clicking on the "About US" menu at the top left of the main website, then proceed to "Registration 2017". Please contact the appropriate campus with any questions.