Construction Update #2

Educators and Child Development advocates have long held the belief that a solid foundation in traditional academic subjects along with exposure to the arts can build both the intellect and creativity that are considered necessary to thrive in a 21st-century economy. The community of Clifton and Clifton ISD have a long-standing commitment to arts education. 
The current Art room is the old Home Economics suite from the days when Clifton students attended one campus. The new Art room will have over 1300 square feet with ample room for student to work, a separate storage room for Art supplies, and a dedicated kiln room for student's clay work. 
CES Art teacher, Brenda Smith, provides a wide variety of art experiences to students.  "Art from Found Objects" was on display throughout the elementary campus for this week's Open House. Pictured are some examples of our student's creativity. If you've never seen a "Shoe Fish" or a "Sundae Shoe" check out our student's interpretation of just that.
The new Clifton Elementary School opens in 459 days, August 1, 2018.