Clown Sighting Hoax

Vivid imaginations and social media have led to rumors circulating in Clifton about a clown sighting and lock down at Clifton Middle School. These rumors are FALSE. 
Parents are reminded that all Clifton ISD campuses are under video surveillance. The Clifton Police Department conducts regular walk-throughs on all CISD campuses. The Clifton Police Department will have an increased presence at homecoming activities scheduled for this week. 
Students are advised to exercise caution in their social media postings. Two students have been arrested in Texas for posting copy-cat hoax clown threats. Dressing as a clown for the purpose of creating a disturbance on Clifton ISD property will be considered disorderly conduct and will be reported to Clifton PD. 
Parents may contact any CISD campus, CISD Central Administration, or the Clifton Police Department with any questions or concerns.
Clifton ISD 675-2827
Clifton PD 675-6620
Rhoda White
Clifton ISD