CMS Principal Elected to TASSP Board


Andy Ball, principal at Clifton Middle School, was recently elected as a State Executive Officer for the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP). Mr. Ball went through an extensive application, interview and nomination process, where the membership elected him to the position of Assistant State Coordinator.   


Ball is among six other elected TASSP Executive Officers. His duties include serving on the TASSP Executive Board and chairing the State Membership Committee.  Mr. Ball will serve a 2-year term as Assistant State Coordinator, followed by a 3-year term as State Coordinator. 


The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals is an association formed by and for over 5000 campus level administrators. Established in 1922, its purpose is to build an active network of educators that want to take responsibility for the quality of school leadership. TASSP focuses on the need for collaboration between all stakeholders in education while using as its foundation a very effective volunteer force that provides a statewide knowledge base and informed leadership.