CISD App Now Available

CISD Mobile App

Clifton ISD has an app available for iOS and Android devices. Here is some information about the app and how set it up.

Step 1: Visit the app store for your phone (Apple or Android) and search for “Clifton ISD”. Load the app. (Its icon will be the C logo like the one on the picture to the right)

Step 2: Open the app

Step 3: Go to the Settings button and choose the areas you would like to see information for. Touch the item you wish to add. This will slide the button to “green” to turn on the campus information. This will reflect what you see when you click on the “News” and “Calendar” buttons

Step 4: Click on the different areas of the app as shown in the picture to the right to see information for each item.

(Notifications are for SchoolMessenger notifications and will place an alert on your phone using this app if a notification is sent out. It will not alert you of a new post anywhere on the website.)

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