Clifton High School Threat Investigation

Parents and Community Members,

With the speed of social media, texting and cell phones, you may have heard of a situation at Clifton High School concerning verbal comments allegedly made by a student. Please know, the safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance and we take all reports of threats or comments seriously. 

An investigation into the situation and the comments was started and the Clifton Police Department was contacted. Through the ongoing investigation of Clifton High School administrators and the Clifton Police Department, no evidence of a credible or immediate threat to our students or staff was uncovered and at no time were any of the Clifton ISD campuses on lockdown. Our students and staff are safe and our educational day has continued as normal.

I encourage you to speak with your children regarding the ramifications of making threats or inappropriate comments, even in a joking manner, or of spreading rumors, whether that be in person, by text or on social media. Also, please encourage them to notify you, a teacher or an administrator of anything they hear or perceive about possible safety threats to our students and our schools.

Thank you for your continued support. Again, the safety of our students and staff is imperative to ensure a safe environment for all.


Andy Ball


Clifton ISD