Registration 2018 » Step 1: Parent Portal

Step 1: Parent Portal



 If your child is needing to ride a bus, you MUST visit step 6 and fill out the bus contract. The form that is in the online registration is simply the Bus Handbook. A contract must be filled out.
New Students
Students new to the district, please skip to page 7
Students whose parents already have a txConnect account, please skip to page 13

Returning Students
Registration for returning students is very similar to last year's registration process. Here is what you need to do:
1. Login to your parent portal account.
2. There should be a box that appears telling you to click the blue button that says "2017-18 Registration" beneath your student's name.
3. Close the box and click the blue button.
4. Follow the prompts
5. Once you have completed the registration part, you will need to click on "Back to summary" - close the registration box, and then click the tab at the top of your parent portal that says "My Account"
6. Once you get to the "My Account" screen, there will be another blue button that says "VIEW/EDIT".
7. Click that blue button, then Click on "Step 2: Required Forms" . There you should see campus documents that need to be digitally signed.
8. Check this list for any forms that do not have a green check mark and complete the ones that do not (They will have an exclamation point!). Once you have completed each of those forms, click "Back to Summary", and repeat this process for any other students. Once all students are complete, then you can log out of the parent portal.
9. Please go to step 2 on the menu to the right of this page. If you are registering at a school, please skip step 2 and proceed to step 3. There will be paper copies for you at the campuses for the items listed in step 2. If you are registering from home, you need to print the pages on step 2.
The book below is available if needed. If you decide to use it, please skip to page 7

Here is the link to the txConnect Parent Portal: