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Take time for summer reading to help your child maintain their reading level over the summer months.
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Parent Information

How can I keep up with my student?
There are several programs available for parents to keep up with what their students are doing. This includes Renaissance Place, txConnect Parent Portal, Lunch Money Now, Celly, and our web pages.
Clifton ISD usesSchoolMessenger, which allows contact with parents using telephone, text, email, and social media, including a Clifton ISD App that is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Celly is a texting app that several school organizations and groups use to keep in touch about activities via text message or the celly app. Please click on "Celly Groups" to the right for more information.
Renaissance Place is a program that allows you to see what and how your child is doing on their Accelerated Reading and the tests that are included in that program.
txConnect allows you to keep up with your child’s grades in their classes. It will allow you to set alerts so that you receive an email if your child receives a grade below the level you choose, or if your child is absent.
Lunch Money Now allows you to see your child’s balance in the cafeteria, as well as what they have been purchasing. You can also pay online with a credit or debit card if you need to add money to their account. Visit the Lunch Money Now page under "Departments", then "Food Service" for more information.
Sign up for txConnect (monitor grades and attendance for your student(s)) - you must have a letter with a Portal ID from the school in order to set this up – we are unable to set this up for you or to assist with lost user ids or passwords. To set up your account, go to the txConnect page using the link in the "Links" page. Click on the “click here” under “New User?”.
1. Choose a username and password that fits the rules listed on the screen. Enter your email address. Click NEXT.
2. Choose a hint question and answer. This is used for password reset if you forget your password. Click NEXT.
3. Enter the portal ID (case sensitive) from your letter and your child’s birthday. Click Add. Repeat this for each student you need to add until all students are listed. Click FINISH when you are through.
Be sure to remember what your password. Clifton ISD is unable to reset your password on this account or make any changes to it.
Renaissance Place is where the Accelerated Reader scores, STAR Math, and STAR Reading information is located. To gain access to Renaissance Place, go to the Renaissance Place website and click on “Parent”. Click on the “Request Parent/Guardian Access” link and fill out the form. You will be sent a notification when your account has been created.